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My Better Half

My Better Half

I met Dustin at the end of my spring break during my freshman year at UE. I knew right from the start that there was something about him. We've been together now for a little more than 2 1/2 years and are engaged to be married September 22, 2001!

How Do I love Thee?

Well to start, I love Dustin for his playfulness. Dustin can make any day brighter.  He's got a great smile and I love the way his eyes sparkle when he flashes me one (smile that is).

Dustin definitely a keeper. He is a genuine,caring person constantly doing things to show how much he cares about me.Dustin always says the right things to make me feel as though I'm the most intelligent, beautiful, exciting, sexy, and outright amazing person this world has to offer.

Dustin truly is the best of the best.

Complementation Analysis

So what makes us tick? I'd have to attribute our success to the mutual respect and support we have for one another and our endeavors.

The Complete Package

Along with joys of having such a wonderful fiance, I have gained an extended family. Dustin has two older sisters, Kelli, 28, and Amy, 27.  Amy is married to a great guy, Kevin,they have a son, Jacob will be 2 in February, and are expecting another bundle of joy next April.  Oh, Dustin has a mom, Janet, and a dad, Dale, too.And they're both about 29. :)

Click below to view some pics:

Dustin's Family Photos

The engagment


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